Sea Change

Sea Change

Here's a little music visualiser I've been working on as a test project using Away3D 4 and Flint Particles. Double-click to go full-screen.

The music that loads is a track called Sea Change (hence the project name) by Rabbit Gold, you can load your own mp3's by pressing the up-arrow, or double-clicking when in full-screen.

I'll do a second post with some info on the code involved, and if you're intrigued in the meantime, the source is all up on github.

Sea Change
Source code

One more thing.. as you might have guessed, this needs Flash Player 11. ..And there's quite a bit of post-processing going on so it probably needs a fairly decent/recent graphics card to get the best out of it. Oh, and don't use the debug Flash Player :)

Having trouble viewing? Watch a recorded play-through on Vimeo.

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2 comments on “Sea Change
  1. Adi Nugroho says:

    Man, this is awesome :) and thanks for sharing it.

  2. Col says:

    Awesome Mike!

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